Another useless item to throw away


I tried using these cute little cucumber shaped eye packs today. I had a bit of a stress relieving cry yesterday and woke up with really puffy eyes. I put the “cucumbers slices” in the fridge and then placed them on my on eyes to reduce swelling.

While they may look like a wonderfully less messy alternative to real cucumber slices, they are, in reality, a very poor substitute. In fact, I would argue that they have almost no effect on reducing puffiness at all.

Firstly, the plastic they are made of isn’t very flexible, so the slices do not contour to the shape of my face. Thus, the slices are flat to my cheekbones and eyebrows, but do not bend into my eye socket area (which is where the puffiness is).

Secondly, the amount of ice pack material in them is so minuscule that they heat up to room temperature in about two minutes and then get even warmer as they sit on my face.

I came to the conclusion that my eyes were no less puffy after the “cucumber” packs than before.

This is just another example of some of the useless junk that I have accumulated and need to get rid of. I must have tried them before and come to the same conclusion, but couldn’t bring myself to throw them out (probably because I had just bought them). Now I’m ready to admit that I made a mistake purchasing them and can throw them out without remorse.

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