Auctioning off my gumball machine

IMG_1394I acquired this gumball machine earlier this year when I was helping my great aunt and uncle move from their house of 50 years to a condo. (This is not the book loving aunt or the aunt in the retirement home. I’ve got a lot of aunts who have a lot of stuff.) The condo they bought was actually bigger than their house, but they still had to get rid of a bunch of things, the gumball machine being one of them. I took it home, cleaned it up and then had a lot of fun buying different candies to put in it.

After a while though, I grew bored with the gumball machine. It’s much easier to eat candies out of the bag/box, than to empty the bag/box into the machine and then find coins to feed the machine, only to get the candy portioned out in tiny increments. The gumball machine was just sitting empty collecting dust, which is what it was doing at my aunt’s house before I got it.

Since I wasn’t using it, I thought I’d let someone else have a chance to have fun with it and raise some money for our church too. I donated it to be auctioned off in the silent auction at their annual bazaar. Someone bought it for $25!

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Donating a Fan

IMG_1362    IMG_1358

Here is a lovely hand painted fan that I am donating to be sold at our church’s bazaar next month.

This fan is beautiful, but it’s been sitting closed in a drawer for years. I’m letting it go in the hope that it will find someone who will really appreciate it.

We do have a lot of beautiful things that are just hidden away because we have no room to display them. It’s kind of a shame.

I have come to realize that I can appreciate beautiful things, without needing to own them.

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Cleaning out the bucket under the bathroom sink

IMG_0960For some reason, we have a wooden bucket filled with plastic items used for hair styling under our bathroom sink.

This bucket has been quietly sitting and collecting dust (an embarrassing amount of dust) for months (dare I say years) without one of us using any of the items in it.

I decided to do an inventory of the items in the bucket. I dumped everything out in the bathtub so I could give them a good wash.


  • 17 hair clips
  • 13 combs – including one from an airplane flight my parents took 19 years ago.
  • 3 plastic brushes – including one shaped like a Christmas tree
  • 2 plugs – which don’t fit in any of our sinks or bathtubs.
  • 1 hair styling tool
  • 1 pumice stone
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 piece of string
  • 1 rubber glove

Total – 40 items

I managed to get rid of 26 of them.

  • Garbage Bin – 2 plugs, 1 pumice stone, 1 sponge and 1 piece of string
  • Recycling Bin – 12 combs, 3 brushes and 1 hair clip.
  • Donation Bin – 5 hair clips

I kept the rest, but not in the bucket. Now I have to figure out what to do with a nice empty wood bucket. One thing’s for sure – I’ll never have to buy another hair clip again.

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Goodbye my Old Favourite Jeans and Good Riddance.


After reading the most recent blog post from The Minimalists, I went through my clothes drawers, pulled out these jeans and put them on. Then I went “ugh!” and promptly took them off.

I don’t know what happened – these used to be my favourite jeans. I wore them consistently for about seven years. But I hadn’t worn them for a couple of years and something had changed in that time. They looked horribly out of fashion, like bell bottoms, even though they are only bootcut. And they made my legs look short and stumpy. Not a good look for someone who is barely five feet tall.

I had stopped wearing them because I had lost a bit of weight, so they were a bit baggy and I kept having to pull them up (I don’t think it was all me though, I think they also just stretched out). Now, I’m wondering if they looked this bad for the seven years I wore them.

I suppose I kept them because they were my “favourite” pair (and in case I put on weight again). But I now realize keeping something awful is not good, even though you used to love it. I must live in the present, not the past or future. Goodbye jeans. Into the donation bin you go.

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Duplicates + 1 = Triplicates

Remember when I talked about duplicates? Well I found some more.

I went through one of my dad’s bookshelves. He has a collection of books by Robert Ludlum, Louis L’Amour, John D. MacDonald and others, totalling 189 books. While I was putting them in alphabetical order, I discovered the following:

IMG_1267 IMG_1269

  • Two copies of the entire Bourne Trilogy (we must really like Jason Bourne)
  • Two copies of one John D. MacDonald book
  • Duplicate copies of ten Louis L’Amour books
  • Three copies of The Burning Hills by Louis L’Amour!

Now we are into triplicates! Sheesh! I am realizing just how ridiculous our situation is.

Well that’s another fourteen books that we are donating to the upcoming church bazaar.

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Recycling My Old Cell Phone (another one, not the one I recycled last week)


My first cell phone! Just sitting in my room for about 10 years.

I am ashamed to admit that I found yet another old cell phone in my room. That means I had three cell phones in my room at one point. Yup, people reading this must think I’m drowning in piles of junk. But it’s not that bad! Well, at least I’m working on it.

I believe this is the first cell phone I ever had. I think it’s circa 2002-2004 because I remember taking a vacation in the summer of 2004 and it totally crapping out on me. I would charge it for hours and it would only work for about two minutes before it died. Right after that vacation, I got another cell phone. This means that I have kept an unused broken cell phone in my room for over nine years. Sigh.

Since I didn’t have another one of those convenient prepaid envelopes to mail the phone to the recycling people, I decided to walk to the Rogers store to recycle it through the Phones for Food program, which helps to fund Food Banks Canada. So today I decluttered, recycled, donated, and exercised. Not a bad day.

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Recycling My Old Cell Phone

While tidying up my room today, I came across my old cell phone. I’ve been meaning to recycle it since I got my new cell phone last Christmas. At that time, I deleted all the personal info from the phone and took out the sim card. I even had the special “recycle your cell phone” postage paid envelope ready. So it’s just been sitting under a pile of stuff for 10 months waiting for me to:

IMG_13011. seal the envelope
2. walk half a block to the mail box
3. put the envelope in the mailbox

I did this. It took 10 minutes. I don’t know why I procrastinated so long. I guess it’s “out of sight, out of mind”.

By recycling my old cell phone, I am actually donating to Food Banks Canada, so that makes me feel good.

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