Decluttering Status Update #3

I’ve just completed month three of my decluttering journey. While I’m still decluttering (albeit at a slower pace than when I first started), I’m finding it difficult to keep posting about it. I just don’t feel like it anymore.

This Christmas, I suggested to my family that we give each other consumable gifts or items we had lying around the house. My aunt that moved to a condo gave us a raw prime rib roast. All I had to do was put it in the oven and 1.5 hours later, we had the YUMMIEST GIFT EVER! So I’d say my idea of consumable presents was a success! As well as a bunch of goodies I baked, I gave away lots of items I found around the house, but I didn’t keep track of them all for this blog. Oops.

Anyway, here is a status update for December.

Total Items out of the house: Approximately 115 (it’s actually more, but I’m not counting the all the items I gave as presents)

Breakdown of items:


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Why do I have these CDs?


Throughout my decluttering journey, I find I’m often asking myself the question: “Why do I have this?” and then I follow up with “Why have I kept this?”

I asked myself these very questions when I came across a CD of Kenny G playing My Heart Will Go On from Titanic.

Frankly, I don’t know why I have the Kenny G version of the Titanic theme song and I really don’t know why I kept it. I think I may have gotten it free with a purchase of some sort. I also found some other CDs from the 1990s that came free with stuff (Starbucks, Aldo shoes, etc.). I listened to them all and thought, “Was all 90’s music this bad?”

I find it amazing how much stuff I have that I don’t even like, just because up until this point I haven’t been very good at giving stuff away or throwing stuff out. Really it’s just laziness.

I’m going to donate these CDs, someone out there may really love Kenny G.

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Decluttering Status Update #2

I’ve just completed month two of my decluttering journey. Here is a status update.

Total Items out of the house: 333

Breakdown of items:

While the variety of items I’ve gotten rid of is down this month from last, the number of items has more than doubled, thanks to all the books. I probably could have accomplished a bit more if I hadn’t taken a two-week break, but we all need a rest sometime.

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1 room, 3 bookshelves, 234 books Well, it’s an improvement.

I’ve reduced the number of books in my room from 553 to 234. Still a lot, I know. But this number will be reduced further as I am planning on re-gifting some books at Christmas and selling some books on Amazon (or trying to). I also have a tall pile of books I want to read/reread before deciding what to do with them.

What did I do with all the books? I donated most of them to our church bazaar, and some to the Cerebral Palsy people. My aunt took a few (or a lot, depending on your perspective) and I threw a couple in the recycling bin as they had come apart or were water damaged.

IMG_1466My goal is to get rid of this one bookshelf that prevents my closet door from opening fully. There aren’t actually a lot of books in it. It holds mostly CDs and VHS tapes (and some cassette tapes if you can believe it). But if I get rid of enough books on my other two bookshelves I’ll be able to move these CDs and tapes and totally eliminate this bookshelf from my room. I already did a cull of my CDs last year but I can probably get rid of some of the VHS and cassette tapes.

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Three times a bridesmaid means … three bridesmaid dresses

IMG_1435It could also mean I’ll never get married, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing for me.

Here is Bridesmaid Dress #2 of my three bridesmaid dresses. I already donated Bridesmaid Dress #1 and Bridesmaid Dress #3 is getting cleaned.

I think that there are some bridesmaid dresses that can be worn on other occasions, but this dress is not one of them (unless the occasion is Halloween and I want to dress up as a bridesmaid).

As I haven’t worn this purple dress since the wedding seven years ago, I feel like I can donate it without regret.

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The Winter Scarf Debacle


See how the blue part is about an inch longer than the yellow part? This is not on purpose.

As it has now dipped below the 0°C mark in the “great” city of Toronto, I went in search of some scarves, hats and gloves. They are stored in two large tubs in our basement.

Again, I’m overwhelmed with the number of choices of winter apparel we own. I’m betting I could wear a different set of accessories every day for a month before repeating an item. Granted half of them would be menswear (as 2/4 of the family is male), but still, do four people really need 30 pairs of gloves?

Here is a scarf that I knitted myself a few years back. I called it a debacle in the title of this post because I looked up the definition of the word debacle and it stated “A total, often ludicrous failure”.

Maybe “debacle” is not the right word to describe this scarf as it’s not a total failure. I’d say it is successful in that it does look like a scarf and performs the function of keeping my neck warm. It is, however, a complete failure in the aesthetic department. I want to get rid of it, but I’d feel bad about giving it to someone I know (or a complete stranger for that matter), but I also don’t want to throw it in the garbage because it’s a functional scarf.

Perhaps I should have titled this post “The Ugly Winter Scarf Dilemma”.

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Auctioning off my gumball machine

IMG_1394I acquired this gumball machine earlier this year when I was helping my great aunt and uncle move from their house of 50 years to a condo. (This is not the book loving aunt or the aunt in the retirement home. I’ve got a lot of aunts who have a lot of stuff.) The condo they bought was actually bigger than their house, but they still had to get rid of a bunch of things, the gumball machine being one of them. I took it home, cleaned it up and then had a lot of fun buying different candies to put in it.

After a while though, I grew bored with the gumball machine. It’s much easier to eat candies out of the bag/box, than to empty the bag/box into the machine and then find coins to feed the machine, only to get the candy portioned out in tiny increments. The gumball machine was just sitting empty collecting dust, which is what it was doing at my aunt’s house before I got it.

Since I wasn’t using it, I thought I’d let someone else have a chance to have fun with it and raise some money for our church too. I donated it to be auctioned off in the silent auction at their annual bazaar. Someone bought it for $25!

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