Hi everyone, I’m Hope.

This blog will document my journey to get rid of the clutter in my family’s home, so that we can live a simpler and hopefully happier life.

My immediate family (Mom, Dad, Brother) and I live in a medium sized four bedroom house in Toronto.  We have a lot of stuff. Seriously, a lot. We really don’t need most of it and we probably don’t even want some of it. It’s just been easier to keep it than to get rid of it.

Everyday, I plan to do something about at least one item in our house by:

  1. Throwing it in the garbage
  2. Recycling it
  3. Giving it as a gift
  4. Donating it to a charity
  5. Selling it

The idea for this project came about in the summer of 2013 after I helped my 85-year old aunt move from her four bedroom house of 60 years to a one bedroom retirement home. The amount of stuff that was in that house was insane! After that exhausting four month long experience (yes, four months!), I decided that I had to start decluttering my own life, starting now.

This is my journey. Thanks for stopping by.


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