Inadvertent Decluttering

My mother dropped my glass double walled loose leaf tea mug on a large glass jar, shattering both into a hundred pieces. There was glass everywhere.

While I liked the mug and used it fairly often, I suppose it’s one less thing in our house. This was actually the second glass double walled loose leaf tea mug of mine. I had bought this one to replace the one I dropped and broke the last year. Fortunately, only the inside glass part broke then, making the clean up much easier than this time.

Considering the fragility of these mugs, I don’t think I’ll get a replacement. I can just pour the loose leaf tea through one of our various strainers/sieves or use the several disposable loose leaf tea bags we have lying around the kitchen.

I’ve got to say that this type of inadvertent decluttering is very refreshing. I didn’t have to make any decisions about whether to keep or get rid of something and with no effort on my part, there are now two fewer items in our kitchen.

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