Giving away some new stuff in an old bag

My friend had a baby girl a few months ago and so when I went to see her recently I decided to look in my house to see if I could find anything I could give to a baby.

So I went down to the basement (or the “Underground Store” as I like to call it), I found several boxes of toys. And this is the part that confounds me, they were all NEW toys! As in, toys still in the packaging that hadn’t been played with by me or my brother. Granted there were even more boxes of used toys, but that’s to be expected. I’m not sure why my mother collected all these children’s items and never gave them to any children.

Anyway, I picked out this cute little Curious George stuffed animal.

IMG_1458 IMG_1460

Then I found an appropriate card from our giant box of unused cards (I think we’ve had this baby card since the 1980s), and a suitable gift bag (from my cousin’s baby shower last year) from our seven bags of gift bags. I store all our gift bags in seven larger gift bags. I’m hoping to reduce this to six after Christmas this year.

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