The Winter Scarf Debacle


See how the blue part is about an inch longer than the yellow part? This is not on purpose.

As it has now dipped below the 0°C mark in the “great” city of Toronto, I went in search of some scarves, hats and gloves. They are stored in two large tubs in our basement.

Again, I’m overwhelmed with the number of choices of winter apparel we own. I’m betting I could wear a different set of accessories every day for a month before repeating an item. Granted half of them would be menswear (as 2/4 of the family is male), but still, do four people really need 30 pairs of gloves?

Here is a scarf that I knitted myself a few years back. I called it a debacle in the title of this post because I looked up the definition of the word debacle and it stated “A total, often ludicrous failure”.

Maybe “debacle” is not the right word to describe this scarf as it’s not a total failure. I’d say it is successful in that it does look like a scarf and performs the function of keeping my neck warm. It is, however, a complete failure in the aesthetic department. I want to get rid of it, but I’d feel bad about giving it to someone I know (or a complete stranger for that matter), but I also don’t want to throw it in the garbage because it’s a functional scarf.

Perhaps I should have titled this post “The Ugly Winter Scarf Dilemma”.

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