No more coupon books for me

I'm not sure why half the cover is ripped off.

I’m not sure why half the cover is ripped off.

I just tossed this book of coupons into the recycling bin. It expired on November 1, 2013. My brother had bought this book for me as a present last year because he knows how much I love using coupons. But of the hundreds of coupons in it (mostly for restaurants), I only used about 10 of them. So although it was very nice of him and I truly appreciate his thoughtfulness, it wasn’t the most useful of presents. (But really, what presents are?)

The book cost $30 and I probably “saved” about $75 using the coupons, but a lot of the coupons were “buy one get one free” deals so sometimes I think I spent money I wouldn’t normally have spent, just so I could use the coupon.

One good thing to come out of it is that I tried a couple of new restaurants I never would have visited had I not had a coupon. Some of them had dishes that were very yummy.

So there are positives and negatives to getting this coupon book, but overall, I just don’t think that it’s worth it for me. Paying for coupons kind of defeats the purpose of using coupons in the first place.

I’ve told my brother that I appreciate his thoughtfulness, but asked him not to get the 2014 coupon book.

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