Goodbye my Old Favourite Jeans and Good Riddance.


After reading the most recent blog post from The Minimalists, I went through my clothes drawers, pulled out these jeans and put them on. Then I went “ugh!” and promptly took them off.

I don’t know what happened – these used to be my favourite jeans. I wore them consistently for about seven years. But I hadn’t worn them for a couple of years and something had changed in that time. They looked horribly out of fashion, like bell bottoms, even though they are only bootcut. And they made my legs look short and stumpy. Not a good look for someone who is barely five feet tall.

I had stopped wearing them because I had lost a bit of weight, so they were a bit baggy and I kept having to pull them up (I don’t think it was all me though, I think they also just stretched out). Now, I’m wondering if they looked this bad for the seven years I wore them.

I suppose I kept them because they were my “favourite” pair (and in case I put on weight again). But I now realize keeping something awful is not good, even though you used to love it. I must live in the present, not the past or future. Goodbye jeans. Into the donation bin you go.

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