Decluttering the Bananas out of my Freezer!

I opened the freezer today and almost couldn’t close it again because it was so full. So I decided that I should start eating some of the frozen food to declutter the freezer.

I chose to start with the bag of bananas. This summer, I had peeled some bananas that were turning brown and stuck them in the freezer. I thought that I could make banana bread when the weather cooled down and I could turn on the oven without making the house feel like a sauna. Well, the weather has been cool for over a month now so guess what? Today is Banana Bread Day!

When I took all the bananas out of the bag, I found a had a few too many for just banana bread so I put the extras in the Magic Bullet with some cocoa powder and some almond milk and made myself a chocolate banana milkshake. Yummy!

Then I defrosted the bananas and used the banana bread recipe from the 1997 Joy of Cooking cookbook. (We also have the 1974 Joy of Cooking cookbook, but they are so different I’m not counting them as duplicates.) I also added in some chopped up candied ginger we had lying around and sprinkled some almond slices on top. I’m not sure that the candied ginger was the best idea, but it got rid of another thing in the kitchen and it adds a bit of zing to the banana bread.

Who knew that decluttering could be so delicious?

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