The Library


This is one quarter of the books that are in our “library”

Our family has too many books.

We have a room that we call the library because two entire walls are filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books (and VHS and DVD movies – but that’s a story for another post). There are also bookshelves in the three other bedrooms and in the living room, hallway, back room and basement.

It never dawned on me that we have an abnormal amount of books until quite recently. Perhaps I was subconsciously comparing the number of books we own to the number of books Rex Harrison owns in the movie My Fair Lady. Compared to that library, we hardly have any books at all really. However, in the past year or so, I started noticing that most real people I know only have one or two bookshelves in their entire house/condo. We have nineteen.

I am almost afraid to count how many books we own. I’m thinking it’s in the thousands. Yikes! Now I’m thinking of all the trees we have personally killed. Now I am sad. 😦

I’m sure between the four of us, we have read all of these books at least once, but I estimate that we only reread about 5% of them.

I don’t know why we felt we had to buy all of these books in the first place. There is a magical place where we can get almost any book we want for FREE. It is called the Toronto Public Library.

I feel like we shouldn’t have to own all these books if the Toronto Public Library is going to go to the trouble of owning and storing all those books anyway. We might as well take advantage of the free storage.

I think using the public library is great. If we had used it more in the past, then we wouldn’t have all these books in our house now. I’m going to have to start donating and selling some books, but with so many it’s hard to know where to start. At least I got rid of the bathroom joke books by donating them to the Cerebral Palsy foundation.

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