Bathroom Magazines


This is a picture of the bathroom shelf under the sink.

I took everything out and discovered we had 24 items of reading material crammed under the sink. It was so full that two magazines were on top of the shelf, because they couldn’t fit in it.


Here is an inventory of what was in the shelf

  • 11 home decorating magazines (we haven’t decorated since the mid 1990s).
  • 3 bathroom joke books
  • 3 puzzle books
  • 2 business magazines
  • 1 woodworking magazine
  • 1 beauty magazine
  • 1 wedding magazine
  • 1 national geographic
  • 1 ikea catalogue (from 2012, it’s not even this year’s catalogue. I bet that one is in the downstairs bathroom)


Here is the strange part. We don’t even have one magazine subscription. And we only bought one of these magazines. We managed to somehow collect 16 free magazines and put them under our bathroom sink. So we can’t use the excuse of “well we paid for it and we don’t want to waste money”.


This is a picture of the decluttered bathroom shelf.

I put most of the magazines and one of the bathroom joke books that was water damaged into the recycling bin. I moved the woodworking magazine to my dad’s collection of woodworking magazines. (He actually looks at them occasionally – he likes to do some carpentry in his spare time.) I kept two of the bathroom joke books and the three puzzle books. Now that I know they are there I can actually do the puzzles. I only kept the bathroom joke books because I’m not sure what else to do with them at this moment. They seem too nice to throw away. But I’m not sure anyone will actually want to read them. I’m sure they were gifts. I don’t think any of us would ever buy ourselves a bathroom joke book.

I realize that I could have donated some of the magazines to the hospital waiting room, or to some schools that may want them for art projects. But I’m kind of an “instant gratification” sort of gal. I wanted these magazines off of my shelf and out of my house as soon as was possible.

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